U.S. travel website heaps praise on ‘Taichung Central Park’

中央公園 | Taichung Central Park (Courtesy of Taichung City Government)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Matador Network, a U.S.-based travel website, heaped praise on “Taichung Central Park” on Jan. 21 in an article titled “This Taiwan airport has been transformed into a beautiful urban park.” 

The article written by Eben Diskin introduces the rich ecology of the park and how solar technology can be used to bring tourists a comfortable experience and add greenery to the city.  

“An old airport in Taiwan has found new life in an unexpected form: an urban park,” Diskin wrote.   

Taichung Central Park (Courtesy of Mosbach Paysagistes)  

Taichung Shuinan Airport has been transformed into the new Central Park designed by Mosbach Paysagistes, a French landscape architecture team who integrated the airport’s topography into the park’s landscape design.   

The taste field (Courtesy of Taichung City Government)

Mosbach Paysagistes的設計靈感啟發於奧地利哲學家魯道夫‧史代納(Rudolf Steiner)的十二感官理論,在公園內設置12感官體驗區。文中提到,其中有一區遊客可體驗製造回聲,嗅覺體驗區則是種滿花朵,讓體驗者感受芬芳香氣。  

The park features 12 different fields inspired by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner’s “Principle of the 12 Senses.”  

The article mentions an area where visitors can experience the creation of echoes and the smell field is full of flowers, allowing visitors to experience the fragrance.  

The smell field allows visitors to experience the fragrance.   (Courtesy of Taichung City Government)
Taichung Central Park night view (Courtesy of Taichung City Government)

The park also integrates solar technology and sets up solar panels to shield the park from humidity and pollution in the city.  

There are as many as 200 species of plants in the park and more than 10,000 trees are expected to grow next few years.  

Taichung Central Park night view (Courtesy of Taichung City Government)

Diskin ended by pointing out that the architects had conducted research to maximize the landscape and incorporated the technology to create a unique nature experience in the city.