Siri要學台語?蘋果徵「台語流利」工程師 | Apple looking for Taiwanese-speaking engineer to ‘teach’ Siri

Photo for illustrative purposes only. (Shutterstock)


Apple announced on Jan. 15 that it is looking for new talents, including  a “Taiwanese-speaking” engineer, to make Siri the “best digital assistant.” 


According to the Apple “jobs” website, the team in Yokohama, Japan is primarily responsible for engineering Siri, specifically, in helping it understand and speak new languages.


The website went on to say they wish to customize the experience for users and expand more locally; therefore, they announced they are looking for a “highly motivated Taiwanese speaking engineer.”


Applicants would need to have a firm grasp on software engineering skills and also need to be at a native speaker with fluency level in Taiwanese.


However, this applicant will also need to understand English as they will be working in an English-speaking environment. 


Apple added it’s looking for applicants who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science, or have equivalent experiences in the past.


In addition, having excellent verbal and written communication as well as having interest in “diversity and cultural differences” is also a must for the new position.