Taiwanese man escapes NT$100K fine for breaking quarantine rules for this reason

Image of a room at a quarantine hotel in Tainan. (Photo courtesy of the Tainan City Government)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A Taiwanese man who was to be fined NT$100,000 for violating quarantine rules when he returned to Taiwan from Hong Kong in 2020 has been acquitted on Wednesday after it was revealed he had been dragged from his home by loan sharks.

According to the Changhua Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency under the Ministry of Justice (法務部行政執行署彰化分署) who conducted the investigation, the man surnamed Chen had been involuntarily taken from his home.

Chen returned to Taiwan on Oct. 30 and was supposed to be under quarantine until Nov. 13. He chose to finish his quarantine at his friend’s house but was soon tracked down by loan sharks who, after beating him up, forced him to a house in Nantou CIty.

The father of Chen’s friend witnessed the abduction and alerted authorities who realized that Chen was supposed to be under quarantine.

They duly reported the situation to health authorities who fined Chen NT$100,000 for violating quarantine.

The case was investigated again after Chen was released and voiced his objection against the fine claiming he was dragged outside against his will.

After questioning the family members of Chen’s friend, going through the report filed that day and careful deliberation by the Chuanhua Branch, Chen was acquitted of the violation on Jan. 27.