CECC addresses mass quitting of Taoyuan General Hospital cleaners

Taoyuan General Hospital (Photo courtesy of NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Health Minister Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) confirmed on Thursday that among the 145 cleaning staff of the Taoyuan General Hospital, 20 have quit following the outbreak of cluster infections.

As rumors circulated that most left their post for fear of being avoided like the plague in the community, Chen called on the public to encourage and not discriminate frontline staff.

Chen added that their jobs expose them to certain risks daily, but if it weren’t for their hard work, Taiwan would be more susceptible to widespread infections.

He also encouraged the hospital to provide care and benefits to employees to encourage them. 

The public also expressed concerns over food delivery personnel, who may need to enter hospitals for their jobs, could become a chink in the armor against virus prevention.

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC, 中央流行疫情指揮中心) addressed the situation at a press conference on Thursday, explaining that they are considering holding a discussion with the Ministry of Labor (MOL, 勞動部) about the issue. 

The CECC expressed hope that the MOL would amend relevant regulations, ensuring that employers can not force delivery staff to go into the hospital to deliver food.