Carrefour unveils concept behind rebranding of Wellcome stores

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Carrefour (家樂福) unveiled two stores in Songshan and Nangang district in Taipei on Thursday, the first rebranded stores since the french company acquired Wellcome Taiwan (頂好) from Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd. last year.

More than 100 people lined up at the entrance of the stores early in the morning. (NOWnews)

In a press conference on Wednesday, Carrefour Taiwan President Wang Chun-chao (王俊超) said that at least 36 to 40 Wellcome markets will be converted into Carrefour supermarkets within one month after the Chinese New Year.

After Carrefour’s merger and acquisition were completed, the two renovated Carrefour supermarket opened on Thursday. (NOWnews)

Wellcome’s Dunbei Store, which has been renovated and transformed into a Carrefour Supermarket, now features a dining space like a cafe with cooked food, fresh snacks, dessert, and fresh bread.

More than 100 people lined up at the entrance of the stores early in the morning to participate in the event.

The renovated Carrefour supermarket features freshly made coffee  (NOWnews)

Dunbei Store, covering more than 661.16 square meters, provides tens of thousands of goodies and a Carrefour composite customer rest area that has made its debut.

The renovated Carrefour supermarket also offers cooked foods, such as pizzas. (NOWnews)

Since it is nearby a hospital, the selection of goods in the store has been reevaluated, providing a large number of freshly cut fruits, gift boxes, and more.

Carrefour’s total number of employees has grown from more than 13,000 to 17,000 since the acquisition.

The renovated Carrefour supermarket offers fresh bread. (NOWnews)

The number of Carrefour branches has also grown from 66 outlets and 66 supermarkets to 66 Carrefour outlets, 262 supermarkets and 25 Jason’s Market Place.

Regarding Jason’s Market Place, Wang said that the operation will remain the same in the first two years, and no renovation will be made.

He explained that Jason’s Market targets have high-end customers, meaning that they are different from Carrefour’s customers.

The renovated Carrefour supermarket offers fresh bread. (NOWnews)

Wang hopes that Jason’s Market can learn relevant business models in the future, so the management team will remain unchanged.