American girl teaches grandma how to make burritos in Taiwanese

TAIPEI (The China Post) — YouTuber Elizabeth is from the U.S.; she has lived in Taiwan for over ten years. She speaks Chinese fluently, and this time, she decided to take it to the next level and challenge herself to teach a Taiwanese grandma how to cook American food in Taiwanese!  

Elizabeth, who married Eric, a Taiwanese man, created a YouTube channel last year. Through the videos, she hopes to introduce Taiwanese and American culture, language, and travel experiences and share her life in Taiwan with her fans.  

In the video, she said that she decided to teach her grandma how to make authentic Mexican food, her favorite back in California.   

In one of the Taiwanese challenge series videos, Elizabeth teaches her grandma to make her favorite “Burritos” in Taiwanese, and the interaction between the two is quite funny, drawing much attention from social media users.   

In the video, Elizabeth is seen struggling to speak in Taiwanese as she teaches her grandma to “stir-fry” the fillings, add chili powder, and then add some chicken.  

When Elizabeth asked in Taiwanese, “Have you tried this before,” the grandma said she had never bought one before and did not know about this kind of dish.  

The grandmother continued to stir-fry the dish while saying in Taiwanese, “it’s not cooked yet,” and Elizabeth, as a good language learner, kept asking the grandmother what she meant by Taiwanese.  

When asked if she had ever been to the U.S. before, Grandma said she had never been there and hoped that Elizabeth would be a tour guide to take her there in the future.   

Elizabeth said: “I’ll be a tour guide.”  

The grandma was curious to know whether it was easier to learn Mandarin or Taiwanese while Elizabeth responded: “Mandarin, easy, but Taiwanese, difficult.”  

Finally, the two finished a delicious burrito! Grandma, who had never had a burrito before, took a bite and said, “You nailed it! It tastes so good.”  

Elizabeth’s Taiwanese husband, Eric, asked, “Grandma, is your granddaughter-in-law good?”  

Grandma kept nodding and said, “Great, great, great.” 

In response to the video, many said that “Grandma is so cute, I’m melting,” while some heaped praises on Elizabeth’s Mandarine and Taiwanese.   

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