Japanese cartoonist shares cute dog, cat virus prevention posters

A Japanese artist decided to create some light comics to help spread virus-prevention messages. (Photo courtesy of @sinamism/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread at an alarming speed, many countries have remained under lockdowns and called for the public to wear face masks at all times.

In a bid to help spread virus-prevention messages in creative new ways, a Japanese manga artist has designed two separate posters depicting a “fickle cat and a hygienic dog,” according to foreign media reports.

The Japanese cartoonist, Takayuki Mizushina, promoted his comic on Twitter, with “Cats Won’t Do It. Good Luck People!” for the cat, virus-prevention poster and “Dogs Can Too! Come on Everyone!” for the dog poster.

Dogs were shown to be better at following virus-prevention regulations. (Photo courtesy of @sinamism/Twitter)

According to the original post, the artist wrote that anyone who liked the posters could go to local 7-11 and Family Marts in Japan to download, print, distribute and display them. 

Both illustrations have been well-received by social media users as many quickly commented that they were going to put it up at their workplace, while others added that the “cat” version really brought out its characteristics.

Many praised the “cat” version, claiming it really brought out the feline characteristics. (Photo courtesy of @sinamism/Twitter)

The light comic also succeeded in smoothing out the seriousness of the situation in Japan while still conveying the correct message as one social media user wrote that after seeing it on the street, they found it to be soothing, rather than the usual sense of gloom.