Exclusive mahjong games from top luxury brands at hand during CNY

Mahjong game has recently taken luxury fashion brands by storm. The luxury brands such as Hermes, LV and Prada have successively launched mahjong sets

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The mahjong game has taken luxury fashion brands by storm in recent weeks. Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada, to name just a few, have successively launched mahjong sets, whose exquisite designs make mahjong no longer just a table game but an artwork. 

The following is a list of the “most beautiful boutique mahjong sets” from the four luxury brands.  

The Hermés Mahjong Set   

Hermes launched a calfskin mahjong set containing 148 pieces of mahjong made of solid rosewood, along with a tile ruler, tokens and dice. The whole set costs over US$40,000 (about NT$1.3 million), the most expensive of the boutique mahjong sets.  

Hermés Mahjong set (Courtesy of Hermés)
The Tiffany & Co Mahjong Set    

Tiffany & Co’s Mahjong set features the brand’s classic Tiffany blue leather and the interior is made of dark gray suede.   

The mahjong set contains 150 mahjong pieces made of walnut wood, 120 scoring sticks, 80 tokens, four dice and four walnut wood bases in four leather boxes with the Tiffany & Co logo printed on the outside.  

Tiffany & Co Mahjong set (Courtesy of Tiffany & Co)

The Tiffany & Co mahjong set costs US$15,000, while each set is priced at NT$545,000 in Taiwan. 

The PRADA Mahjong Set 

The PRADA mahjong set box is made of signature Saffiano scratch-resistant calfskin leather. The tile is all black with green engraving, while its red back printed with the classic PRADA logo, echoing the Chinese New Year.  

The price of PRADA mahjong is NT$120,000, which is relatively low compared to other brands.  

The PRADA Mahjong set (Courtesy of Prada)
The PRADA Mahjong set (Courtesy of Prada)
Louis Vuitton Mahjong Set 

Louis Vuitton mahjong set debuted during its Savoir Faire Universe showcase in Taiwan.   

The limited-edition mahjong set features tiles made of jade and engraved with various characters.

The mahjong tiles encased in a pull-out trunk, stamped in the brand’s signature monogram design.  

The “one bamboo” tile is also designed with the blue magpie, Taiwan’s national bird. LV reportedly made only 10 of the mahjong sets available in Taiwan, according to Elle Taiwan.