Three #Instaworthy spots in Nantou to visit during CNY holiday

三大仙女景點就在南投|Three must-visit breathtaking spots in Nantou unveiled (Courtesy of @secretjump1125/@emilycute7bear/@taki788778)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As 2020 was a year full of challenges and uncertainties, everyone must still be under a tremendous amount of pressure.

In this case, the Chinese New Year break is undoubtedly a time to recharge both mentally and physically. The following three spots in Nantou will assuredly usher in hope and energy for the brand new Year of Ox.

Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @chu.chu_annie/Instagram)
Ginko Forest

Besides its recreation area, Ginko Forest is a major enjoyable attraction.

Located on Dalunshan, Ginko Forest features breathtaking landscape and family-friendly hiking trails.

Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @yung_ting/Instagram)

Strolling through the forest and tea plantations enveloped in fog and cloud, you would unconsciously transform into a state of relaxation as if you’ve entered a yellow fairyland.

There is also a restaurant serving fresh Gingko tea and a healthy hot pot to satiate your hunger after the hike.

Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @taki788778/Instagram)
Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @wendymomo1209/Instagram)
Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @miss_sockk/Instagram)

How to get there :No. 800-1, Yangwan Ln., Lugu Township, Nantou County


When it comes to Checheng, Nantou, “STEAM “is a must-visit spot that has more than 50 years of history located nearby the timber-pond.

The Japanese-style wooden building accompanied by misty mountains and sunlight falling on the pond, STEAM is on a par with the well-known “Kinkaku-ji Temple” in Japan.

STEAM (Courtesy of @madeinalbee928/Instagram)
STEAM (Courtesy of @misaki_yang/Instagram)

The magical power of STEAM lies in the sense of peace and stability it exudes, rendering it the perfect weekend getaway place.

STEAM (Courtesy of @secretjump1125/Instagram)

How to get there :No. 101-3, Minquan Ln., Shuili Township, Nantou County

Houtou Mountain Deck

Houtou Mountain Deck is the best place to round off the tour to Nantou. Houtou Mountain is a famous base for paragliding so make sure you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity if you’re an adventure seeker.

Houtou Mountain Deck (Courtesy of @emilycute7bear/Instagram)
Houtou Mountain Deck (Courtesy of @xiang_dang/Instagram)

In addition, Houtou Mountain Deck is a highly recommended spot where you can immerse in the panoramic view of Puli Township during the day, at dusk and at night.


How to get there :No. 90, Zhi’an Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County