Get lost in ‘European-like’ art village in Pingtung during CNY holiday

屏東職人町 (Courtesy of @telson10/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Pingtung has the “full package” that deserves more attention!

Recently, the Craftsman Residential District, also knowns as the “small Paris,” has gained much traction on the Internet.

In addition to many cultural and creative shops, no one can resist those colorful buildings’ glamour.

Converted from old dormitories, the Craftsman Residential District successfully provides a platform for 32 startup teams to realize their dreams by incorporating the local youths’ love for Pingtung and their creativity.

Craftsman Residential District (Courtesy of @vianliu0502/Instagram)

Moreover, with the help of Craftsman Residential District, the startup teams can refine their capability on their specific domains and transform the ordinary into something more special that perfectly embodies the spirit of craftsmanship.

The old buildings are also instilled by new energy and value.

Craftsman Residential District (Courtesy of @mmikacc/Instagram)
Craftsman Residential District (Courtesy of @venasssssa/Instagram)

Within a fifteen-minute walk from the Pingtung train station, you’ll arrive at the Craftsman Residential District. The Craftsman Residential District exudes an exotic atmosphere that is similar to some art districts in European cities.

Craftsman Residential District (Courtesy of @porkmary/Instagram)
Craftsman Residential District(Courtesy of @eunice11308/Instagram)

The most distinctive feature of the District is the vibrant European murals delicately painted by the startup teams. Every corner is designed with originality, blending different cultural elements that will catch you by surprise.

You won’t make it to the end of the path without gazing at the masterpiece and taking stunning photos. At night, the illuminated District is indeed a place of romance.

Craftsman Residential District (Courtesy of @onlywan1224/Instagram)

There are many coffee shops and pastries in the Craftsman Residential District. During the weekend, creative markets will be held and musical bands will be invited to perform in the area. Craftsman Residential District is undoubtedly worth visiting during the New Year’s holiday.


How to get there :No. 5, Ln. 43, Rende Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County