Tibetan prayer flags spread good fortune to faraway places

Taiwan Samye Temple (Courtesy of @ariel__princess/@tpo5088)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — One of the must-visit spots for foreigners traveling to Taiwan is temples symbolizing China’s long history and rich culture. Taiwanese temples are mainly dedicated to Taoist, Buddhist or Confucian beliefs. Located in Houlong, Miaoli, Taiwan Samye Temple is exceptionally unique because of its magnificent external appearance.

A solemn religious sanctuary, Taiwan Samye Temple is the first Tibetan Buddhist temple in Taiwan.

Incorporating the elements of Chinese, Indian and Tibetan, the Temple was constructed in alignment with the Tibetan Samye Temple’s design. The building’s exterior is mainly white with other colors as decoration, giving off an exotic sense.

Taiwan Samye Temple (Courtesy of @frt5943/Instagram)

The prayer flags come in five colors and are arranged in a specific order: blue, white, red, green and yellow. The Tibetans believe the wind will blow the prayers and mantras to spread good will and compassion to all-pervading space.

Taiwan Samye Temple (Courtesy of @tpo5088/Instagram)

The clear blue sky perfectly complements the colorful prayer flags. Billowing in the wind, prayer flags seem to have a healing effect. Perhaps, this is the mystery and power of religion.

Taiwan Samye Temple (Courtesy of @tpo5088/Instagram)
Taiwan Samye Temple (Courtesy of @tpo5088/Instagram)

Given that Taiwan Samye Temple is a solemn place for worship, be mindful of your behavior when you visit. Revealing clothes and bottom above calves are strictly prohibited.


How to get there: No. 60-2, Puzaiding, Houlong Township, Miaoli County