Yebisu Kan recreates memories of Tainan people

戎館|Yebisu Kan (Courtesy of @meg1013/@emily102611/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The island’s oldest city, Tainan, owns another nostalgic cultural attraction worth visiting! Located near the hustling and bustling Guohua Street, Yebisu Kan replicates the glamour era of the 1930s.

Built in 1934, Yebisu Kan was one of the four major theaters in Tainan during the Japanese colonial era. The word “Yebisu” is short for the “Ebisu God,” one of the Seven Gods of luck in Japan. Ebisu God symbolizes not only “sailing safety” and “rich harvest” but also “prosperity.”

Yebisu Kan later changed its name to “Chikan Theater” after Taiwan’s restoration and continued to show movies until 1961.

Yebisu Kan (Courtesy of @sam_lin_tainan/Instagram)

Yebisu Kan has finally reopened after two years of refurbishment thanks to Black Bridge Foods’ support.

During Yebisu Kan’s reconstruction, the architects retained the original layout and renovated the building by integrating the old and new architectural techniques. It is hoped that Yebisu Kan would inject new energy into Tainan, the ancient capital of Taiwan.

Yebisu Kan (Courtesy of @yu_ting0528/Instagram)

The vintage ticket booth at the entrance is a replica of the layout of old Yebisu Kan. The first-floor functions as a bazaar, which is true to the past. You can now purchase all kinds of goods produced by renowned brands on the first floor of the building.

There’s also a small movie theater for art activities.

Yebisu Kan (Courtesy of @emily102611/Instagram)
Yebisu Kan (Courtesy of @yanglumia/Instagram)

For those who are fond of the retro-styled buildings, don’t miss out on Yebisu Kan, a place where you can enjoy delicacies and time-traveling back to the 1930s!

How to get there :No. 220, Zhongzheng Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City