Amateurs show interest in casting call for new series ‘Taiwan Trilogy’

拼圖,魏德聖 (左)、台灣三部曲宣傳海報 | The photo collage shows Wei Te-Sheng (left) and the poster of Taiwan Trilogy. (Courtesy of crowdfunding platform/米倉影業)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese Director Wei Te-Sheng is currently working on the history series “Taiwan Trilogy” for which he recently released a casting call for foreign actors and actresses in Taiwan.

The call has immediately received a positive response from the members and friends of the foreign community.  

“Taiwan Trilogy” is a tripartite view of Taiwan’s debut on the world stage that begins in the 17th century during the Age of Exploration. 

The stories will be told from the perspectives of Siraya hunters, Han Chinese pirates and Dutch missionaries. 

Taiwan Trilogy (Courtesy of crowdfunding platform)

The third installment, “The Promised Land,” tells the story of a Dutch missionary, Yang En.  

The story is set back 400 years ago and recreates the Dutch’s arrival in the great bay near Tainan before Koxinga’s captured the island.  

Taiwan Trilogy (Courtesy of crowdfunding platform)

According to the English casting notice, the cast is looking for Dutch children and adults in Taiwan, preferably with a good knowledge of Dutch.  

The production team is looking for white boys aged 8-12 and white girls from middle or high school and white men, preferably with knowledge of Dutch.  

Also, the notice said that the film is expected to be shot from August 2021 until 2023 in Taiwan.  

The casting call said that the movie illustrates an era where different peoples and cultures meet for the first time.  

The “Trilogy” project, which will span 10 years of production and cost NT$4.5 billion (US$160 million), will finally begin filming this year.  

Many Dutch people in Taiwan found the project very interesting and forwarded the casting call among social media chat groups.    

At the same time, many said that they are looking forward to Wei’s new series about Taiwan history.