CTBC Bank tops Taiwan banking industry for 7th time: The Banker

According to The Banker, the brand value of CTBC Bank has grown by more than 40 percent for three consecutive years, reaching US$1.382 billion, about NT$39.4 billion. (Photo courtesy of NOWnews/The China Post)

TAIPEI (The China Post) According to the latest 2021 Global Top 500 Bank Brand Survey published by Brand Finance and The Banker (銀行家) magazine, the CTBC Bank (中國信託商業銀行) under the CTBC Financial Holding (中國信託金融控股) won the first place in Taiwans banking industry for the seventh time while its global total ranking rose to No. 153. 

The brand value of CTBC Bank has grown by more than 40 percent for three consecutive years, reaching US$1.382 billion, about NT$39.4 billion. 

Brand Finance, which was founded in London in 1996, surveys more than 5,000 enterprises around the world each year and announces the top 500 most valuable corporate brands in the Global 500 Top Bank Brand Survey.  

The rankings help calculate the brand value by studying the Brand Strength Index, Brand Royalty Rate and Forecast Revenues of enterprises. 

Brand Finance regularly cooperates with The Banker magazine every year to jointly publish the survey results, which is also recognized as the most authoritative brand value list by the global banking community. 

According to the organizers observation, in 2020, due to the impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the brand value of the worlds top 500 banks declined by as much as two-thirds. 

However, the ranking of CTBC Bank jumped by 21 places compared with last year, and the brand value continued to rise, with the outstanding performance of rating A+.  

CTBC Bank was ranked the most valuable bank brand in Taiwan for the 7th time. 

In addition to CTBC Bank, the top five Taiwanese banks in this list include E.SUN Bank (玉山銀行), Taipei Fubon Bank (台北富邦銀行), Mega International Commercial Bank (兆豐國際商業銀行) and First Commercial Bank (第一銀行).

According to the rankings, E.SUN Bank ranks 179th in the world, Taipei Fubon Bank ranks 221, Mega International Commercial Bank ranks 238th in the world, and First Commercial Bank ranks 247th. 

In addition to business performance, the evaluation indicators such as employee recognition and community investment of CTBC Bank ranked in the leading position in Taiwans banking industry, which showed that CTBC Bank made good use of corporate soft power while pursuing performance growth, and condensed employees recognition of brands and enterprises 

On the other hand, CTBC Bank has long been deeply engaged in five major public welfare such as charity, anti-drug, sports, education, and arts and culture, highlighting that CTBC Bank actively builds financial inclusiveness and sustainable social development, and is committed to practicing the corporate mission of brand spirit and guarding and creating. 

During the pandemic, CTBC Bank helped the people to meet the epidemic and played an important role. It was through digital financial technology that it accelerated the examination process and assisted 280,000 workers to apply for bail-out loans to solve the urgent need. 

Therefore, it was in consumer satisfaction and the implementation of corporate social responsibility. Project indicators are among the best, effectively enhancing the reputation of corporate brands.