Taiwanese man hesitant to eat chocolate cookies from girlfriend

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Many would be quick to agree that if your partner can cook, it is most likely be a bonus factor in your relationship.

A Taiwanese social media user, however, recently shared pictures of “chocolate cookies” baked by his girlfriend that might make you reconsider your position on cooking in a relationship.

Since the peculiarly-shaped cookies were revealed online, many have sympathized with the man claiming it would be a tragedy (not) to eat them.

The original photo which was posted on Facebook showed lumps of dark brown rolls twisted into undefinable shapes that were meant to be a sweet dessert for the social media user.

As at first glance, the cookies bore a striking resemblance to excrement so the social media user took to post to question others whether or not he should eat them.

A Taiwanese man shared the sweet “cookies” his girlfriend made him, though the shape and color made him hesitant to try them. (Screengrab from 爆廢公社二館/Facebook)

The post was later updated after the social media user finally plucked up the courage to taste them, stressing, “they really are chocolate biscuits.”

He also included hashtags that announced that he was “still alive” and hasn’t had an upset stomach so far.

The post attracted the attention of other social media users who flocked to the comment section to praise the man.

One wrote, “Fortunately, there are no corn kernels on it.”

Some also questioned whether it was actually punishment in disguise and asked the man, “Oh my God! What did you do wrong? “