Heng Shu launches religious organization after clearing debts

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Heng Shu (恆述法師), a former singer-actress called Jenny Fei (費貞綾), has launched a new religious group called “Zu zai zen” (自在禪宗).

Speaking in a press conference on Monday, the older sister of two famous brothers Chang Fei (張菲) and Fei Yu-Ching (費玉清) stressed that she needs a fresh start after clearing her debts.

She asked the media not to write about her debt, however, or “her lawyer will not forgive anyone.”

Heng Shu (恆述法師) is pictured cutting a cake during the press conference on Monday. (NOWnews)

Asked about the reason for launching the new organization, she explained that she considers herself a Buddist nun even though she bears inexplicable shame and pain in practicing Buddhism in the traditional way.

The 71-year-old said that after practicing for 38 years, she decided to create a new religious organization that suits her needs.

She also called on believers to provide a Buddhist monastery for spiritual practice.

Asked whether she reunited with her famous brothers during the Chinese New Year holiday, Heng Shu said that she has reconciled with them.

She reportedly received an invitation from Chang Fei before the holidays.

As to whether the family members would eventually cooperate, Heng Shu admitted that it should be impossible for her to collaborate with her younger brother Fei Yu-Ching.

“Fei Yu-Ching has no interest in working in the entertainment industry (anymore),” she said. “But Chang Fei did not say that he would quit,” she added, believing that they should have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.