Railway Bureau to conduct investigation into death of railway workers

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TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (國家運輸安全調查委員會) said on Wednesday that it will not initiate an investigation into the recent accident that killed two workers of Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA, 台鐵) and injured one.

The representative of the board said that the Railway Bureau (鐵道局) will initiate an investigation while the board would assist in the case if needed.

On Tuesday morning, an engineering vehicle crashed into a road maintenance crew at Haiduan train station (海端車站) in Taitung, killing two people and injuring one.

The Transportation Safety Board said that the case was not within the scope of investigation in terms of laws and regulations.

Still, there are many standards, procedures and management issues worth investigating, the representative said.

Based on the administrative division of labor, however, the investigation will be led by the Railway Bureau with help from Transportation Safety Board, which should achieve the best results.

According to various reports, the TRA was carrying out a junction replacement project at Haiduan Station at 8:35 a.m. when three workers, who were doing some maintenance work, were accidentally hit by a train.  

Among the three, two men, surnamed Pan, 48, and Liu, 55, were pronounced dead at the hospital while the other one regained consciousness and was transferred to Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung Branch (台東馬偕紀念醫院) at later that day.