Malaysian singer debuts beautiful headshots on Taiwan NHI card

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Malaysian singer Lin Min-chen (林明禎) received praise on Wednesday after inadvertently showing off her beautiful headshot featured on her Taiwan National Health Insurance (NHI, 健保署) card.

The 30-year-old star, deemed a “real-life Nami ” after the fictional character in popular Japanese comic “One Piece,”  proudly displayed her newly received NHI card on her Instagram page.

The 30-year-old star was deemed a “real-life Nami” by fans, after the fictional character in popular Japanese comic “One Piece.” (Photo courtesy of Lin Min-chen/Facebook)

She happily wrote under her photo: “I have a health insurance card, so I can see a doctor now!”

Lin had arrived in Taiwan in 2014 to further her career and finally received her NHI card after 7 years.

Though fans expressed their happiness for her, many were more focused on her headshot which was undeniably better-looking than most.

Her headshot became the unexpected focus of her happy post. (Screengrab from Lin Min-chen/Instagram)