YouTuber demonstrates benefits of vegetarian diet with blood test

TAIPEI (The China Post) — American YouTuber Hailey Richards (莫彩曦) recently took a blood test with her husband, Adam, to determine whether vegetarianism will affect her health.

Richards revealed that she embarked on her vegetarian journey at the age of 14, and has maintained the habit to now, at age 24.

She added that over the past 10 years, she has not supplemented any vitamins and other health products, nor has she had a blood test.

Her husband Adam occasionally eats meat, but after they got married, he often joined her in eating vegetarian dishes.

They later decided to have a blood test to test whether they are healthy after being vegetarian for 10 years, Richards explained.

After receiving their results from the clinic, the doctor revealed that Richards’ white blood cells were relatively low, and pointed out indicators that showed she lacked sufficient sleep.

The doctor said the blood test showed Richards and her husband lacked sufficient sleep. (Screengrab from Hailey Richards/ YouTube)

In terms of diet, the doctor recommended skipping sparkling water, whilst avoiding alcoholic and irritating foods as much as possible.

She was also advised to supplement more alkaline foods and go out to bask in the sun and exercise more to sweat when possible.

The doctor concluded that both Richards and her husband had Omega-3 deficiencies, which was a common problem among vegetarians.

As Omega-3 provides anti-inflammatory effect, it is easier to get hurt when playing basketball or undergoing weight-training.

Last but not least, the doctor gave Adam 90 out of 100 while Adam received 87 for the overall health level.

As long as they sleep and rest, their health will improve, the doctor went on. More nuts are were recommended as well as vitamin D.

Hailey’s health status was without a problem, which goes to show that vegetarianism is good.