U.S. missionary calls Sanyi ‘home’ after 28 years preaching the gospel

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Born in Florida, Brenda Carter grew up surrounded by some of the best beaches in the world. Due to her father’s work, however, her family didn’t stay in Florida for long and she had to move to other places every other year.

After deciding that she was going to become a missionary 34 years ago, Brenda moved to Taiwan where she has spent 28 years in Sanyi — the longest period of time in the same place she has ever experienced in her life.

Thirty years ago in Sanyi Hakka village, people were more conservative and barely anyone had ever heard of God. She joked that she was like a matchmaker introducing people to God, but was so busy serving the public that she didn’t get married herself.

As a child-loving person, Brenda has felt sorry for not being able to raise children of her own but she believes that God will arrange everything for her.

Some might wonder whether it was boring to live alone, Brenda however fills her daily schedule with all kinds of fun events. 

She has many good friends and knows all the good places to dine in, to have fun, and to enjoy the view in Sanyi. As a hospitable person, she always tells people, ”Welcome to Sanyi and have fun here in my hometown!”