LIHPAO Life Science head awarded ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Award’

LIHPAO Life Science is the only Taiwanese business in mainland China who has obtained the qualification for nucleic acid detection in novel coronavirus. (Courtesy of LIHPAO Life Science)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — LIHPAO Life Science General Manager Wu Hung-tai (吳泓泰) received the “Youth Entrepreneurship Award” during this year’s “Outstanding Mainland Taiwanese Businessmen Award” ceremony.

Fifteen Taiwanese businesses participated in the eighth edition of the award ceremony that followed more than six months of deliberations and recommendations.

Wu received praise for LIHPAO Life Science’s strength in scientific research and quality innovation and the company’s close collaboration with top authoritative medical research institutions at home and abroad.

Wu Hung-tai is the general manager of LIHPAO Life Science. (Courtesy of LIHPAO Life Science)

Thanks to its advanced molecular detection technology, LIHPAO provides advanced and accurate detection services that help cancer patients target the right drugs for their treatment, as well as predicting disease risks, and assisting in the diagnosis of pathogenic microorganism infection.

Through gene detection technology, LIHPAO Life Science can meet the demand of the future market for advanced treatments. The company is the only Taiwanese business in mainland China that has obtained the qualification of nucleic acid detection in novel coronavirus.

In order to cope with the many mainland Chinese people returning home during the Spring Festival, the staff of LIHPAO Life Science did not rest during the Spring Festival and conducted more than 10,000 nucleic acid tests. Up to now, 110,000 people have been tested cumulatively.