Holger Chen praises Show Luo for buying 200 boxes of Taiwan pineapples

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese Internet celebrity Holger Chen (「館長」陳之漢) voiced his support for singer Show Luo (羅志祥) on Monday night after the latter received a backlash from Chinese social media users on Monday for buying 200 boxes of Taiwan pineapples.

The move came as China announced last week that it would ban the import of pineapples from Taiwan for reportedly finding “three kinds of scale insects numerous times.”

This led to many Taiwanese celebrities voicing their support for local farmers and promoting pineapple sales in the media.

Luo, who announced that he had bought 200 boxes of pineapples became a target of scorn from Chinese social media users who commented: “Don’t come to China to make money again!”

Others claimed that Luo’s actions were due to his knowing he had already lost momentum in China and is therefore, turning to Taiwan for support.

Some even called Luo a supporter of Taiwan’s independence as a country and called for a country-wide ban on the performer in China.

To this, Chen passionately remarked on his livestream late Monday that Luo had “already earned enough” from China.

Show Luo received backlash from Chinese social media users after he announced his purchase of 200 boxes of pineapples. (Photo courtesy of Show Luo/Instagram)

The Internet celebrity who spent around NT$500,000 on pineapples a few days ago praised Luo, saying, “Look at our Show Luo. He had the courage to buy pineapples and show his support for Taiwan.”

“I admire him, Chen continued, and added that Luo had “changed his ways” to support Taiwan, which made him a “good man” in Chen’s books.

Chen also directed some harsh words at Chinese social media users, calling them weak-minded while claiming that Luo didn’t need China anymore as he has “already made a lot of money.”

Chen showed his support for Luo after he received backlash from disgruntled Chinese social media users. (Screengrabs from Holger Chen’s livestream)