Customer shocked at Taiwanese ‘cheese-egg pancake’ with a twist

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, and with an abundance of Western-style and Chinese-style breakfast shops in Taiwan, residents are never at a loss for breakfast choices.

However, a social media user in Taoyuan recently revealed that his “smoked chicken, bacon egg pancake with cheese” order came back with a surprise.

According to the Facebook post, the man placed his order, as usual, only to discover that his favorite dish was turned into a smoked chicken, bacon egg pancake, with an entire slice of unmelted cheese at the top!

The social media user expressed his disbelief online asking others: “Shouldn’t the cheese be wrapped in the egg pancake?”

He added that this incident has “enlightened” him and questioned whether anyone had encountered something like that before.

The social media user was shocked to discover an unmelted piece of cheese on his egg pancake. (Screengrab from 《爆怨公社》/Facebook)

After the picture was posted, social media users immediately joined the discussion with one writing: “They probably forgot to put it in and remembered too late, so they put it directly on top for you.”

Another suggested the man could have “one mouthful of egg pancake and one mouthful of cheese.”

Others shared their own experiences with one claiming the order was actually pretty good, much better than cheese strips stuffed into egg pancakes.

One social media user also claimed that “Tainan has ham egg pancakes with the ham on the side.”