FDA to further investigate Taiwan YouTubers ‘Astronaut vitamins’

The "Astronaut Vitamins" developed by Li Ke Tai Tai and her husband John are available for order through the crowdfunding platform "zec zec." (Screenshot from zec zec)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Food and Drug Administration (FDA,食藥署) said Tuesday that the initial investigation shows that the alleged “Astronaut vitamins” developed by renowned two Taiwan YouTubers has not breached any regulations so far.  

The FDA will ask the Department of Health (衛生局), however, to further investigate the controversial product developed by Li Ke Tai Tai and her husband John.

The product is available for preorder through the crowdfunding platform “zec zec” (嘖嘖).  

Since the product announcement was posted on the fundraising platform on Feb. 24, the product has gathered NT$32 million (US$1.14 million). A jar of 60 capsules is priced at NT$2,000. 

The Taiwanese YouTuber claims that the product can increase physical strength, improve work efficiency, improve mental health, help you fall asleep quickly, and improve brainpower in just 30 days.

Huang Jian-long (黃建隆), head of the technology section of the FDA, said that the fundraising website claims that the product is a “health food,” not a “functional food” that requires certification.  

After an initial investigation into the video and advertising content placed on the fundraising website, Huang said that the alleged benefits of the vitamins advertised on the Website are similar to other products.