Taiwan clerk explains meaning of ‘orphan cart’ in local supermarket

A social media user was perplexed after seeing "orphan carts" in a marketplace. (Photo courtesy of 路上觀察學院/Facebook group)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Markets usually have carts to let customers pick out their products and items while shopping before they head to the counter for purchase.

Yet, a Taiwanese social media user recently discovered that several carts beside some cash registers displayed some out-of-the-ordinary placards that perplexed him: “orphan cart.”

According to the original post, the social media user saw two carts with the aforesaid label while in-line at the checkout counter filled with rolls of toilet paper and other items. 

After the post was published, many jokingly speculated the possible answers, with some suggesting it could be there for “abandoned children.”

However, a social media user who claimed that he was a store clerk at a relatively big marketplace later unveiled that the carts are for clerks to collect items that have been abandoned by shoppers at the wrong place in the markets.

He explained that clerks would put the items in the cart and later put them back to their designated shelves.