Japanese medical student goes viral after joining top university

Sae Ueda (Courtesy of @sae__ueda__/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Most Japanese students dream of joining the University of Tokyo, not to mention the Department of Medicine which is one of the most sought-after departments. 

Sae Ueda, a Japanese woman, who was admitted to the Department of Medicine of the University of Tokyo in 2019, has drawn much attention from social media users with her talent and gorgeous look.

The 21-year-old beauty was elected the “2019 Miss Universe Japan” just after starting her studies.  

Ueda said she wanted to become a doctor because she fell into a coma after receiving a flu shot in her freshman year of high school.  

The experience has made her want to focus on the human body’s structure and have her goal-setting her way to academic success.  

Sae Ueda (Courtesy of @sae__ueda__/Instagram)

Because she was a late starter compared to other candidates who had set their goals in the department of Medicine of Tokyo University, she has kept reminding herself to work harder.  

Ueda said she spent 12 hours a day studying at home in high school, and to improve her English, she played English content with a speaker at home to train her listening skills.  

In the winter of her sophomore year, she deleted all her social networking apps on her phone and focused on her homework.  

The hard-working student shared in a TV show that she kept talking to herself: “if I go on social media, I will fail.”  

With perseverance, Ueda eventually succeeded in getting into her dream school.