Viewers mistake stunning Mt. Fuji photo for ink wash painting

Social media users praised Twitter user @_deepskyyy for capturing a "painting-like" essence to Mount Fuji. (Photos courtesy of @_deepskyyy/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Japan’s Mount Fuji is one of the most popular landmarks for photography enthusiasts and many often try to find new ways to capture its essence.

A Japanese photographer, known as “DeepSky” on Twitter, recently did just that. He managed to capture two stunning images that had viewers wondering if they were looking at photos or expertly done ink wash paintings.


Although the photos which were captured in subdued lighting did give off the look of a painting, it was in fact taken at a vantage point that overlooked Lake Ashi in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, according to local Japanese-language media.

The lake is known for its red, torii shrine gate which often gives viewers the illusion that it’s floating on water.

The magnificent photos immediately caught the attention of social media users who praised the photographer for making Mount Fuji stand out as if it’s painted with ink.

Another added that the “mystical lighting” gave the image an overall frightening and sublime feeling.