Young Japanese fashionista goes viral for novel way of wearing jacket

Social media users praised the child's innovative way of wearing a down jacket. (Photos courtesy of @yukicoco4/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the cold weather sweeps across various parts of the world this winter, many can be seen donning down jackets when walking down the street.

However, an elementary school student in Japan recently took the common wardrobe to new heights and made a fashion statement which caught the attention of social media users worldwide.

According to Kaede, the mother of the young boy, her son decided on a novel way of wearing his down jacket one day, the results of which she later posted on Twitter.

In the two photos, the child can be seen in a purple jacket though his torso seemed to be longer, and his arms shorter, giving the illusion of a small robot when seen from behind.

Kaede captioned the photo, “Take a look at my son being trendy in his down jacket,” which social media users soon realized was actually an ordinary jacket being worn upside down.

The look received praise from many who commented that it looked like something out of Paris Fashion Week, while others claimed it looked adorable and made the child seem like a character out of “Toy Story.”

Social media users also commented that they hoped the child would maintain his open-mindedness and creativity when he grew up to continue to think outside the box.