Ai Fukuhara apologizes amid divorce rumors with Taiwan husband

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Japanese Olympic bronze medalist Ai Fukuhara (福原愛) apologized on Thursday for causing a media commotion following rumors of possible divorce with husband Chiang Hung-chieh (江宏傑).

Fukuhara issued a statement on Thursday through her Japanese company’s official website.

Fukuhara issued an apology statement on Thursday. (Courtesy of Omusubi)

“The company deeply apologizes for the worries and troubles caused by the magazines’ reports that featuring the president and representative of the company Ai Fukuhara,” the statement published by Omusubi said.

The former athlete, 32, and Chiang, a former Taiwanese table tennis player, reportedly put an end to their 4-year marriage in January due to Chiang’s alleged verbal abuse against her.

This photo collage shows Ai Fukuhara and Chiang Hung-chieh in some undated photos. (Courtesy of Japan Table Tennis Association and NOWnews)

As the divorce rumors persist, a popular magazine, Female SEVEN, revealed on Wednesday that Fukuhara recently spent the night with an attractive man in Japan.

After Fukuhara issued a statement, however, she has come under fire for leaving two children and her mother alone in Taiwan during the coronavirus pandemic to go on a date with another man in Japan.

The photo collage shows Ai Fukuhara and Chiang Hung-chieh. (Courtesy of Chiang Hung-chieh/Weibo)

Meanwhile, some Japanese social media said that even if Chiang’s verbal abuse turns out to be true, she should take her children and mother to Japan first, and then date other men after her divorce.

On the other hand, some said that there are too many people cheating in the world, and it is only because Fukuhara lived under the spotlight since childhood and gave the outside world a beautiful image that it will cause a great impact.

One said that there are few flawless people in the world, and they should not criticize other people’s family affairs.