Taiwan eatery shocks gourmets with 216 types of fried rice

TAIPEI (The China Post) — There are many staple foods in Taiwan, among which fried rice is one of the main household dishes. Though fried rice may seem simple, it’s actually the best dish to test the strength of chefs.

That is why many were shocked when a social media user recently posted a menu of a food stall that listed 216 flavors of fried rice!

The social media user wrote in their post that “the boss is very good at frying and has all kinds of “flavors.”

They added that looking at the menu was almost like looking at the school rankings list in the past, and observed that “people who have difficulty choosing cannot come.”

From the menu, one can see there are a variety of items listed, including egg fried rice, fried noodles, soup noodles, fried rice noodles, soup rice noodles, fried pho noodles and soup pho noodles.

The 216 kinds of fried rice in this shop dumbfounded many social media users (Photo courtesy of《路上觀察學院》)

Among them, fried rice with eggs accounts for more than half of the menu, with 216 flavors.

Apart from the common fried rice with ham and eggs, fried rice with mutton and eggs, and fried rice with assorted eggs, there are also many different flavors such as “cabbage, tomato, green pepper, corn, garlic, preserved eggs, curry, and even cherry shrimp.”

The impressive menu was praised by social media users who commented, “Following this menu, you can be fed for an entire year,” while others added, “If you want to eat, you better have good eyesight.”