Taiwan reports 6 more imported cases, tally at 1004

Screengrab of CECC spokesperson Chiang Jen-hsiang speaking at a press conference on March 12. (Screengrab from CECC livestream)

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) — The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC, 中央流行疫情指揮中心) reported six more imported COVID-19 cases on Friday, bringing the tally to 1004.

According to the CECC, the imported cases are from the Philippines, the U.S., Paraguay and Indonesia.

Case 1000 is a Filipino man in his thirties who arrived in Taiwan for work on Feb. 28. He submitted negative test results taken within three days of boarding his flight and was placed under quarantine upon arrival.

He reported that two family member back home had tested positive for the virus near the end of February and he was subsequently tested again on March 17 when his self-health management period ended.

His infection was confirmed today and is currently asymptomatic.

The CECC have tracked down six possible contacts of case 1000, to of whom are under quarantine while the others are practicing self-health management.

Cases 1001 and 1002 are migrant workers from the Philippines aged between 20 to 40. They arrived in Taiwan on March 4 for work purposes and submitted negative test results.

They were also tested on March 17 when their quarantine period ended and the infections were confirmed today.

The two cases are asymptomatic and as they hadn’t been in contact with anyone whilst under quarantine, no possible contacts have been listed by health authorities.

Case 1003 is an American woman in her fifties who had tested positive in the states on Jan. 14.

She traveled to Taiwan with family members for work purposes on Feb. 7 and submitted negative test results.

When her quarantine period ended on Feb. 22, she along with her family headed to another hotel for the rest of their stay.

As she had been preparing to return to the states, she acquired a test on March 17 and the infection was confirmed today.

She is currently asymptomatic and 13 possible contacts have been listed; among them, 12 are family and friends who are under quarantine and the other is a hotel staff member who is practicing self-health management.

Case 1004 is a Paraguayan in his twenties who had previously tested positive for the virus on Jan. 16 in his country.

He traveled from Paraguay to Brazil to take a connecting flight through Dubai to come to Taiwan for study purposes on March 4 and arrived in Taiwan a day later.

He submitted negative test results and was quarantined upon arrival.

He was tested again on March 6 but the test results were negative. When his quarantine period ended on March 18, he was tested again and the infection was confirmed today.

He is asymptomatic and no possible contacts have been listed, the CECC said.

The last case reported today is an Indonesian migrant fisherman in his twenties who arrived in Taiwan on March 5.

He submitted the necessary documents and was tested on March 18 when his quarantine period ended; the infection was confirmed today.

He is also asymptomatic, and no possible contacts have been listed. 

As of press time, 1004 cases have been confirmed so far, including 888 imported cases, 77 local infections, 36 cases aboard the Dunmu (敦睦) ship, 2 cases including and relating to an infected pilot who violated quarantine in Taiwan, 1 unknown case.

Among the confirmed cases, 10 people died, 959 were released from quarantine, and the rest are under quarantine.