Hong Kong company revives movable type printing

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Almost one thousand years ago, the Chinese invented movable type printing, helping them pass down their predecessors’ wisdom in print through affordable books.  

Although book printing has now been replaced by computers and offset machines, a Hong Kong printing company has recently created a workshop to perpetuate this great invention that has shaped human history.  

After World War II, Hong Kong’s printing industry reached its peak, and with the booming of many industries, the demand for printing has also increased, said Yam Wai-sang, the second-generation shopkeeper of Hong Kong’s only remaining movable type printing company, Kwong Wah Printing Company.  

As movable type printing faded away, Mr. Yam started the Movable Type Workshop hoping that more children would learn about the glory days of movable type printing in Hong Kong and experience the art of printing that has been passed down for thousands of years.  

To try movable type printing, one must first pick out the character, arrange it according to the manuscript, then apply ink to the movable character and finally impress it on a paper.   

By printing with movable type, unique printing quality can be created, which is more ancient and warm than the machine.