Taiwan Air Force ask public to stop spreading speculations on F-5E crash

The crash which occured on Monday afternoon resulted in the death of a pilot while another remains missing. (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of National Defense)

TAIPEI(The China Post) — Taiwan Air Force issued a statement on Tuesday asking the public to refrain from churning unfounded speculations on reason behind the F-5 flight collision which occurred on Monday. 

According to local Chinese-language media, the incident resulted in the death of a pilot and another missing after two F-5E fighter jets collided during a training session. 

Rumors soon began circulating on the Internet that the incident occurred after four F-5Es flew off formation during a practice “bombing” exercise. 

To this, the Air Force released an official statement on Tuesday claiming that the speculations held little truth and asked the public to refrain from further spreading the rumors. 

They added that officials are currently investigating the incident and will report their findings soon after.