Nurse with allergic reaction to vaccine left ICU: Health authorities

The photo is for illustrative purpose only. (NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The nurse who suffered from an acute allergic reaction to the vaccine on Wednesday has left the intensive care unit (ICU), Health and Welfare Deputy Minister Shih Chung-liang (石崇良) said on Thursday.

A nurse in a medical center in northern Taiwan was reportedly sent to the intensive care units on Wednesday after developing symptoms including red and swollen face, swollen throat, rash and heart palpitations.

After emergency rescue by medical care, the life sign of the nurse who is in their 40s, became stable and was admitted to the intensive care unit for observation.

Shih said that if there is an allergic reaction in the case, the most serious one can reach anaphylactic shock.

Therefore, the hospital placed the case in the intensive care unit for observation in order to be cautious, he said.

However, the case’s vital signs are stable, and there is no respiratory contraction and other phenomena in the judgment.

Shih added that the case had left the intensive care unit.

The Deputy Minister pointed out that only seven minor adverse reactions had been reported among the 4,000 vaccinated medical staff in Taiwan as of Wednesday evening.

He stressed that in light of no adverse reactions reported in the same vaccine bottle, the case was only an allergic phenomenon caused by the personal constitution, not a problem with the vaccine itself.