WeMo讓台灣成智慧城市 政府投入打造最佳新創環境 | WeMo takes Taiwan a step further to establishing smarter cities

【看 CP 學英文】近幾年來,許多新創開始進駐身為「亞洲之心」的台灣 

Many have come to Taiwan in recent years to build their startups at the “heart of Asia.” 


WeMo Founder Jeffrey Wu (吳昕霈) also believes that Taiwan’s advancement and prevalence of sharing economy and the government’s efforts in helping the community have made it truly a gem for entrepreneurs.  


The Smart City concept has been talked about, you know, for many, many years already,” Wu said. 


As a result, mayors from different cities in the world come to Taiwan each year to showcase their recent developments and also check out the startup community Taiwan has to offer, he said. 


In addition, the sharing economy has begun playing a huge part in Taiwanese citizens’ lives, ranging from food delivery and transportation to space-rental services, Wu added, noting that it has become integral to daily life. 


He listed many events and gatherings where the government would step in, not only to just talk about current policies but also to understand more of the problems startup communities are facing and offer solutions that benefit the entrepreneurs. 

他們不僅幫助本地的新創  外籍的創業者也會獲得相同的待遇。」 

“[This help] not only to just locals but also to foreign entrepreneurs [as well], Wu said. 


It’s unlikely that Wu will stop at WeMo as he added that he believes there’s “still a lot of room that we could help together, improve the city for the better well-being of the citizens.”


從他們為何選擇在台灣立業到背後創業理念,我們都將一一為您介紹。我們誠摯邀請有創業夢的您跟我們一起探索,敬請關注The China Post【領袖關鍵字】(Taiwan Game Changers)。