Japanese astronaut reveals aftermath of Evergreen fiasco through space photo

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi took a photo from outerspace showing many ships still stuck at the Suez Canal on Wednesday.

The photo showed numerous white spots representing giant ships outside the canal, which are still lined up in a long row on the sea.

This was the result of Ever Given, a giant container ship of Evergreen, becoming stuck in the Suez Canal for nearly a week, effectively blocking other vessels.

The photo which Noguchi took was posted on his Twitter account and showed many small white dots on the sea surface, scattered outside the canal mouth waiting for smooth passage.

He tweeted, “#Suez canal reopened, but still many ships are waiting in line.”

The Evergreen ship was finally rescued on Monday and authorities revealed that the Suez Canal has resumed traffic in both directions.

However, it would still take about three days or so to completely clear the canal of the ships that were stuck behind the vessel.▲日籍太空人野口聰一31日在推特上分享一張蘇伊士運河大排長龍的空拍照,可以看到海面上有許多白點的船舶長龍。(圖取自Twitter@Astro_Soichi)