Taiwan-Guam travel bubble may be in near future: MOTC

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍) said on Thursday that Guam is very likely to become the next country Taiwan establishes a travel bubble program with.

The remark was given after the Taiwan-Palau Tourism Bubble kicked off today, leading many to wonder which country would be selected next.

An official statement was given on Wednesday from the Tourism Bureau which confirmed that Guam has reached out to Taiwan to discuss such matters and both parties are due to hold talks on the issue soon.

Lin added that the bilateral contacts and exchange of views look very promising, and Taiwanese officials have been sent to negotiate the possible travel program.

At present, both sides are in the stage of active discussion, and it has not yet reached the stage of delivery.

On the other hand, passengers participating in the first group of the Taiwan-Palau travel program had arrived to the airport early to take COVID-19 tests.

The results have all come back negative so they are in the clear to embark on their trip.