Mortuary care specialists vow to assist families after train crash

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) — A group of mortuary care specialists from Changhua, central Taiwan called on peers from across the country on Saturday to assist the families of the victims of the Taroko Express train crash that killed 51 people.

The nonprofit organization “76 Monks” (76行者遺體美容團隊) — a group of mortuary care specialists — called on 100 specialists to work in shifts and help the many Taiwanese families in these difficult times.

The NGO often assists families during major disasters, such as the Penghu air crash (澎湖空難), the Kaohsiung gas explosion (高雄氣爆), the Tainan earthquake (台南地震) and the Puyuma Express train crash in Yilan (普悠瑪宜蘭翻車).

Chen Hsiu-jiang (陳修將), the convener of the NGO, told local media that he hopes to reduce the trauma of the families when they will be reunited with their loved ones.

More than 200 specialists have already joined the “76 Monks” whose name comes from the NGO’s commitment to assist the families of 76 victims of the Penghu air crash and the Kaohsiung gas explosion.

Chen said that team members are expected to stay in Hualien for about 1 week and vowed to stay put until after all victims have been sent back to their families.

Chen and his wife, a mortuary makeup artist, said they are enthusiastic about giving back to the community at all times.