Woman seen carrying washbowl to water supply stations to do laundry

The picture is for illustrative purpose only. (Courtesy of Taoyuan city government)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A woman in Hsinchu was seen carrying a plastic washbasin to the water supply station to do the laundry on Tuesday due to low water pressure.

She said she forgot to store water last night before a weekly two-day suspension of water supply in central Taiwan took effect on Tuesday.

Starting from Tuesday, Taichung and Miaoli implemented a water rationing measure while Hsinchu city stopped providing water to more than 400 households.

Hsinchu city government set up three water supply points in Zhongai village and Nangang village. The emergency water supply points opened at 8 a.m. on Tuesday.

As it was the first day of water supply suspension, most households still had water stored in water towers.

There were few people taking emergency water on Tuesday.

As Zhongai and Nangang villages are located at the southernmost tip of Hsinchu City, the water supply system comes from Yongheshan Reservoir in Miaoli.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the water supply was cut off for two consecutive days in parts of central Taiwan.

Many people stored water as early as possible, while the local government also set up three water supply points in the local area for the public from Tuesday.

However, only two people came to fetch water early in the morning, with one riding a scooter and carried a bucket to fetch water home for standby.

One woman was seen carrying the washbasin to the water supply point to wash the clothes.