Truck driver did not alert authorities after train crash: Chief prosecutor

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Taiwan Hualien District Prosecutors Office (花蓮地檢署) revealed on Tuesday that the first person to report the Taroko Express accident was a woman rather than the truck driver Lee Yi-hsiang (李義祥).

Speaking at a press conference, Chief prosecutor Yu Hsiu-tuan (俞秀端) said that the office has acquired the dash camera on the car and authorities are going over it as they speak.

She said that more than 10 people have been summoned so far by the office, and added that she will not rule out increasing the number of people to detain in the future as evidence show Lee was not the only one at the scene.

Yu also pointed out that there are currently no evidence to suggest Lee reported the incident to authorities, though she explained that information regarding the ongoing investigation can not be revealed.

It is understood that the first phone call reporting the accident was made at 9:31 a.m. and that the caller was a woman.

Her tone was said to be nervous and she reported that she couldn’t tell where she was. Later, a man alerted authorities pinpointing to the location at the entrance of Qingshui Tunnel.