Creative photographer ‘horses around’ with paper bags amid quarantine

Australian photographer David Marriott made the best of his quarantine situation by recycling the brown paper bags used to carry his meals to make a four-legged companion. (Photos courtesy of David Marriott/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Australian photographer David Marriott has made the best of his quarantine time by recycling the brown paper bags used to carry his meals to make a four-legged companion. 

According to foreign media, Marriott had recently returned to Brisbane after an unplanned trip to London to attend the funeral of his father, who succumbed to the COVID-19 virus in late February.  

Marriott had bought a speaker to play music and ordered some balls to learn how to juggle to get through the isolation in preparation for the two-week quarantine period.  

However, it soon became evident that he was still bored out of his mind, which was when he began collecting the brown paper bags his meals came in.  

As an artist, he explained that he had worked with similar materials before and knew that they had a good structure to make art pieces.   

Seeing a poke bowl that he had previously eaten out of, Marriott suddenly got the inspiration to make a “Wild West” artwork.  

He ordered scissors and tape from the supermarket and made an entire cowboy outfit for himself and a “noble steed” as his companion.  

According to Marriott, the hotel room’s iron board was used as the horse’s torso, while a desk lamp was used as its head.  

The horse, which was named Russell had succeeded in cheering up his widowed mother back home, and Marriott added that “People are just in need of a bit of laughter. This lifts their morale.”  

He hoped that his art would draw attention to the importance of recycling in hotel quarantine and inspire others who are bored during their quarantine stay to pass the time with creativity.