Tiny capybara baby makes debut in explosion of cuteness

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Taipei City Zoo’s tiny capybara baby, “Che Che” (車車, meaning “car”), made its debut on Monday, a month after its birth, in a few minutes-long explosion of cuteness in front of the media.

The capybara’s mother “Api” (阿皮), which was originally on loan from Tainan’s Wanpi World Safari Zoo, gave birth to the baby on the evening of Feb. 27.

The newborn baby weighs about 2.4 kilograms, and its size and coat color look like an adult guinea pig at first glance.

Because it is a precocial animal, the capybara baby can come and go freely in less than an hour after birth.

Its appearance is very cute, which makes people think of the popular guinea pig animation, thus, leading to its name, “Che Che.”

The external genitalia of the capybara is not obvious, so it is impossible to judge the sex of the baby at present.

It is expected that the veterinarian will be asked to perform a chip and a health examination in May 2021 before it can be revealed whether “Che Che” is male or female.