Social media users poke fun at silly head-covering mosquito net

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As temperatures increase, many people are afraid of being bitten by mosquitoes while sleeping. To this, some social media users have shared a “head-cover mosquito net” from Taobao which is a top-selling item in China recently.

However, the square mosquito cover, which just covers a person’s head, reminded most of a funeral scene where family members pay tribute to the deceased.

The original post showed the product photo of a “mosquito net with good head cover.” The man in the demonstration picture was seen lying on the bed with a pink mosquito cover over his head.

After seeing the product photo, some claimed that if just one mosquito gets in, it would be extremely miserable for the user. (Photo courtesy of Taobao)

The product, which was advertised as “the smallest mini mosquito net,” is suitable for those staying outside or camping.

The advertisement also states that the bottom of the special net can be laid flat on the bed, so even if you turn over in your sleep, you do not need to be afraid of it falling off the bed.

Claiming to be the “perfect mosquito prevention” scheme, the mosquito net is set at a price of around CNY$33 (about NT$143).

Many social media users mocked the design after seeing it, commenting, “It’s like paying tribute to the deceased” and “If just one mosquito flies in, it will be so miserable.”

Others also said the mosquito net might not be so useful as “some mosquitoes don’t necessarily bite the face; some just like to bite the toes or soles of the feet.”

Another added that the design looks too morbid and “unlucky,” but some pointed out that it could be very practical when camping and mountaineering.