台灣近百年歷史見證人是她!空英創辦人彭蒙惠:台灣就是我的家 | Doris M. Brougham praises Taiwan’s transformation for the better

彭蒙惠接受The China Post獨家專訪 | The China Post had an exclusive interview with Doris M. Brougham. (The China Post)


“The home is where the heart is. And my heart is here. So this is my home,” the U.S. educator and the founder of “Studio Classroom,” Doris M. Brougham, said with a smile.  

從事英語教學與福音傳播逾70載的美國裔教育家彭蒙惠女士,日前在與The China Post專訪中,分享她過去70年在台灣英語教育上所面臨的挑戰,以及心路歷程。  

In an interview with The China Post, Brougham, an American educator who has been teaching English and spreading the gospel for more than 70 years, shared her challenges and her journey in promoting English education in Taiwan.  


The 94-year-old educator has seen huge changes in Taiwan and its transformation from an agricultural society to an industrial society.   

Her heart has always been with Taiwanese people, she said. During her stay on the island, she has combined her passion for education and devotion to spreading her love to all of Asia.  

1926年出生於美國西雅圖的彭蒙惠在12歲那年立下決心未來要到華人地區宣教。| Born in Seattle in 1926, Doris M. Brougham made up her mind at the age of 12 to serve as a missionary to the Chinese community in the future. (Courtesy of Studio Classroom)

見證台灣過去數十年轉變,彭蒙惠回憶道:「我那時剛來台灣的時候 (1950年代),疾病肆虐,甚至有時在餐廳用餐時,服務員可能就是患有痲瘋病的人。」  

Witnessing the changes in Taiwan over the past decades, Brougham recalled: “When I first came, there was a lot of disease and sickness around. Sometimes, when you go to a restaurant to eat, you could be served food by a leper.”  

彭蒙惠後來輾轉於1951那年來到台灣花蓮。| Brougham later moved to Hualien, Taiwan in the 1950s. (Courtesy of Studio Classroom)


Brougham said that you could see buffalo walking on the road in those days, but now the streets are full of scooters and cars.  

The changes in the streets and the way people live as well as the things that we do are very different from the past, she recalled. 

彭蒙惠後來輾轉於1951那年來到台灣花蓮。| Brougham later moved to Hualien, Taiwan in the 1950s. (Courtesy of Studio Classroom)
彭蒙惠傳講福音。 | Brougham was preaching the gospel in the school. (Courtesy of Studio Classroom)

此外,身為語言教育泰斗的彭蒙惠獨家向The China Post分享自己學習語言的獨門祕訣。她不但會說中文、閩南語、原住民語也通通難不倒她。  

As a leading language educator, Brougham can speak Mandarin, Taiwanese and indigenous languages. So, she kindly shared her tips for learning new languages.  

彭蒙惠獨家分享學習語言的心法。| Brougham exclusively shared her approach to language learning. (The China Post)


“If you really want to learn another language, you have to really immerse yourself a little bit in the culture, and you have to listen into it. And also, you have to have motivation, she said.”  

彭蒙惠成立合唱團,並編寫兒童讚美詩歌本。| Brougham founded a radio choir and wrote a children’s hymn book. (Courtesy of Studio Classroom)


Her advice to young students, based on her past experience, is “to listen, and you have to repeat what you hear in practice, which is very important in learning a language.”   


Asked about the reason why she chose to promote English education, Brougham explained, many Americans came to Taiwan to do business and preach at that time, and Taiwanese people had to start learning English to negotiate.  

“Also, learning English is to let people know what Taiwan was like,” Brougham said. 

彭蒙惠看到台灣的需要,於是開啟了空中英語教室,用廣播雜誌教英文。| Brougham saw the need in Taiwan so she started the Studio Classroom to teach English through radio and magazines. (Courtesy of Studio Classroom)


With this observation in mind, Brougham decided to start English learning programs to assist the government and help children learn English.  

“So they could compete in the modern world and be part of the modern world,” she added.  

她發現台灣人很喜歡聽收音機,於是在中廣開啟了第一個福音節目。| She found that Taiwanese people love to listen to the radio, so she started her first gospel program on Broadcasting Corporation of China. (Courtesy of Studio Classroom)


While expanding operations, the Studio Classroom has faced many challenges too.  

In the early days, there was only a two-page black and white handoutand then the team came up with the idea of letting people learn Business English and videos on YouTube.  


She said the most important thing is the mindset and to have the courage to face the challenge. “Sometimes we’d say this must be our last meal, but somehow tomorrow we’d always have enough money for us to keep going.”  

彭蒙惠看到台灣的需要,於是開啟了空中英語教室,用廣播雜誌教英文。| Brougham saw the need in Taiwan so she started the Studio Classroom to teach English through radio and magazines. (Courtesy of Studio Classroom)


The founder of Studio Classroom said that the best thing about Taiwan is the people.   

Taiwanese people are very willing to learn and accept change, and more importantly, people are very friendly, she said.  


“It’s the people that make Taiwan great.”  

彭蒙惠說道:「這片土地上的人們讓台灣更顯得美好。」  | “It’s the people that make Taiwan great.”  (The China Post)


Taiwanese’s courageous spirit to accept change and challenges echoes the core spirit of Studio Classroom’s operations all along, she stressed.

As Doris M. Brougham said, “Go move with the change, learn how to handle change, go into and develop as the society develops.”