「LV飛機包」天價曝光!網友狠酸:不如買真飛機 | Sky-high price LV airplane bag creates a stir online

Fashion boutique Lous Vuitton recently shared the "Airplane Bag" from its Fall/Winter 2021 collection. (Courtesy of Satin/Twitter)

【看CP學英文】時尚精品路易威登 (Louis Vuitton)近日在推特發布2021年秋冬系列中的「飛機包」,外型做成如飛機般的包款要價39,000美元 (約新台幣111萬元),讓不少網友直呼:「都可以買真的飛機了。」 

Fashion boutique Louis Vuitton recently shared the “Airplane Bag” from its Fall/Winter 2021 collection. 

The bag is shaped like a plane and costs $39,000 (about NT$1.11 million), making many netizens exclaim, “You can buy an actual plane for less.” 

推特帳號SAINT於4月3日發布這款由潮牌Off-White執行長 Virgil Abloh 設計的飛機包。 

The Twitter account “SAINT” released this airplane bag designed by the CEO of Off-White, Virgil Abloh, on April 3. 


The bag looks like a real aircraft, featuring the engine nacelles, the two wings, and the hidden stabilizer. 

飛機包加上手提把,外皮披上LV Monogram Eclipse 帆布,經典Logo讓人從遠處一眼就認出它來自經典品牌 

The bag covered with LV Monogram Eclipse canvas, and the classic logo makes it instantly recognizable from a distance as a classic brand. 


Although LV has launched many popular street fashion bags in recent years, the airplane bag has really made many social media users dumbfounded and created quite a stir online.   


One said that you can buy an actual plane for less while another commented: “I’ll glue some handles on a Cobra Rattler and I’ll sell it for half as much.”


One wrote: “Probably only rich people with no fashion taste would carry it around.”