My goal is to let patients be happy to see a doctor: ex-NTUH head

Lee Yuan-teh (left) and Yang Min-sheng (right) were pictured in a press conference on Friday. (Courtesy of Doctors' Doctor Clinic)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Doctor Lee Yuan-teh (李源德) said on Friday that it would be a pleasure for people to see a doctor at the Doctors’ Doctor Clinic (醫者診所) and get more communication and advice from medical profesionals.

Lee is the founder of Doctors’ Doctor clinic and former superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH,台大醫院).

In March, the clinic moved from the Taipei City TWTC International Trade Building (國貿大樓) to its current location on the 5th floor of the Taipei Medical University Daan Campus (TMU,北醫大大安校區) on Keelung Road.  

A press conference took place at the clinic on Friday, joined by the founder of Min-Sheng General Hospital (敏盛綜合醫院), Yang Min-sheng (楊敏盛), the founder of E.SUN Financial Holding Company (E.SUN FHC, 玉山金控), Huang Yung-jen (黃永仁).  

A press conference took place at the new location of the Doctors’ Doctor Clinic on Friday. (Courtesy of Doctors’ Doctor Clinic)

The clinic has also signed a strategic alliance with Harvard Physical Examination Center (哈佛健檢, HPEC) of Min-Sheng Hospital to provide medical and health screening service in the future jointly.  

Based on their shared beliefs and insistence on preventive medicine, the Doctors’ Doctor clinic and HPEC have decided to work together to build an integration platform for health management and medical care services in Taiwan.  

Chairman of C-MEDIA ELECTRONICS INC Cheng Chi -chen (left, 鄭期成) and Sean Lien (連勝文) a member of the KMT’s Central Standing Committee were pictured in front of the clinic’s logo. (Courtesy of Doctors’ Doctor Clinic)

Yang expressed his gratitude to Lee for spending three years transforming Min-Sheng Hospital after his retirement from NTUH, making the hospital thrive from a small hospital to its present size and planning for future development. 

This year, 82-year-old Dr. Lee said when he served at NTUH and Min Sheng Hospital, he had to see many patients every day.   

Therefore, he had few opportunities to listen and exchange views with others.   

Lee said that he took pleasure in working at the Doctors’ Doctor clinic and this feeling doesn’t come from money.  

The veteran doctor has always insisted that Doctors’ Doctor clinic should only charge what they should charge.  

Sean Lien is pictured measuring blood pressure. (Courtesy of Doctors’ Doctor Clinic)

He also shared that in the past four years, all doctors at the clinic have only seen about 10,000 patients, with an average of only 10 or so patients a day so that patients can get a complete consultation.  

The doctor said he would continue to work as a doctor with his philosophy.