Taiwanese hiking group shocks internet by airing ‘laundry’ on Taiwan Railways

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Most people know that when taking public transportation, you should observe social etiquette and take into account passengers’ feelings.

However, a social media user recently shared a shocking scene while taking a train where passengers, seemingly part of a hiking group, were witnessed drying their raincoats on vacant seats and handles.

The photos taken showed that though the carriage didn’t seem too crowded, large raincoats were draped across seats and others were hanging from handles for passengers to hold onto.

Wet raincoats were seen draped across vacant seats. (Photo courtesy of「爆怨2公社」/Facebook)

Upon seeing the photos, many took to the comment section to condemn the group, asking what if someone slips on the puddles created by the raincoats.

Others also added that they could almost “smell” the raincoats from the pictures, and one social media user also suggested reporting the incident to the conductor so that it can be prevented in the future.

Some members of the hiking group were also seen airing their raincoats to dry on the handles of the train carriage. (Photo courtesy of 「爆怨2公社」/Facebook)