Taiwanese man fined for pet foal on main road in Kaohsiung

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A 54-year-old Taiwanese man, surnamed Tsai, has been fined
between NT$300-NT$600 for walking his pet foal on a scooter on a main road in Kaohsiung without wearing his helmet.

After the interesting scene was captured by a local, police from the Kaohsiung Sanmin Branch (高雄三民一分局) immediately dispatched a patrol police officer to look for the owner and his uncommon pet.

The police officer later found Tsai riding his scooter without a helmet and walking his foal on the lawn beside Tongmeng 3rd Road (同盟三路) and Zhonghuaheng Road (中華橫路).

Local Chinese-language media reported that Tsai, who lived in Gushan District, did not use a vehicle to transport his pet because he deemed it convenient and considered his pony to be very well-behaved.

It was for this reason that he let the small horse trot alongside his scooter down the road.

However, police officers pointed out that he would be punished according to the law for not putting a leash on his pet, disrupting traffic, affecting the safety of passers-by, and for riding a scooter without wearing a helmet.

According to the police, Tsai was fined between NT$300 and NT$600 for violating Article 84 of the Act Governing the Punishment of Violation of Road Traffic Regulations.

He was also fined around NT$500 for violating Article 31 Paragraph 6, which stated that a driver or rider of a scooter must wear a helmet when on the road.

The Kaohsiung Animal Protection Department had also been notified to investigate whether there is any violation of the Animal Protection Law of Tsai’s pet horse.