Island residents send S.O.S amid low water levels at Shimen Reservoir

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Water levels in Taoyuan’s Shimen Reservoir (石門水庫) are below 30 percent of capacity, bringing the problem of how residents of Amuping Ginger island (薑母島) going home under the spotlight.

Residents even used cultivators to mark out “S.O.S” signals on the grasslands, hoping that the relevant units could find ways to build temporary bridges during the dry season to give them a safe and convenient way home.

Lu Hsuh-hsien (呂學賢), a resident of the island, said that he happened to encounter water shortage in Shimen Reservoir when he got married.
At that time, he drove his bride back to his home on the island.

But now, there is no way home because the bottom of the reservoir is filled with gunk.

Lu drew a big “S.O.S” signal on the beach area next to the wharf of Amuping Ginger island with a cultivator on Monday.

He hopes that the officials can pay attention to the problem of them going home.

In addition, yacht operators in Amuping Marina (阿姆坪碼頭) have gone out of business because there’s no place for yachts to dock.

Lu said that the water regime has been tight recently.

It’s getting more and more difficult for the island residents to go back home by boat, Lu said.

He continued that residents must clean the gunk and mud early in the morning to help the boat dock to prevent the boat from stranding.

Lu added that as the water shortage is continuing to deteriorate, the Shimen Reservoir has nearly bottomed out.

The water depth in most parts of the reservoir is only 1.2 meters in height and the water depth near the Amuping Marina is even less than 1 meter, Lu said.