Sun Moon Lake transforms to green field following drought

Photos for illustrative purposes only. (shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Sun Moon Lake’s water shortage has resulted in the surfacing of dry and moss-covered bedrocks. With a small rowboat situated in the middle, the uncommon scenery has become an Instagram hotspot.

A small boat, when viewed from above, looks as if it’s drifting on the sea.
However, upon closer inspection, the boat is actually stranded on the bottom of the riverbank.

Citizens also shared their views on the scene: “The prairie attracts a wave of tourists to enter the grassland area and take in the scene themselves.”

The field is endless, with many describing it as a golf course. Some even set up dead trees on the edge of the grassland and turned them into installation landscapes.

Locals claim, “Dead branches are like works of art, which are very beautiful. ”

Because of the water shortage, the water level in Sun Moon Lake has dropped significantly, and the beautiful landscape has become a popular travel destination.

Thought the scene is quite beautiful, the dangers of the drought is very real. Under the conditions of water shortages, fire brigades have also received various reports of fires in different parts of the county.

Besides fire hydrants, lakes, ponds, fish ponds, recycled water, public reservoirs and even seawater have become life-saving water.

Foam is also used in putting out fires to reduce the amount of water used.

Lin Ming-hong (林明宏), head of the Changhua Fire Brigade, said, “Foam based fire extinguisher consists about one to seven regarding the percentage of water and foam.”

“The foam is produced with air, and has less water composition,” Lin added.
Seawater from coastal areas are also used, but fearing that salt will affect mechanical problems, most will try not to use it until as a last resort.